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There have been moments of despair, but more importantly there have been triumphs and those have made all the other stuff seem insignificant.

So, I want to share the journey that brought me here, mainly because I found some much-needed encouragement in reading about the journeys of others and I hope that someone might find that same kind of hope from reading about mine. It was a great learning experience, but I quickly realized that the time and resources required to have significant sales were outside my scope. I tried to continue with Book 2 of the series, but the fire had gone out and eventually I decided that I would shelve that project.

The seed of an idea for a new novel had begun to grow at around the same time and I began to play with it, but the more I read about traditional publishing, the more I convinced myself that it would never happen for me. It was a week away and it lit a fire under me. I came up with several pitches for the event and began to write furiously. DVpit came and went and it was the most thrilling and reaffirming experience I ever had. I got 30 agent requests and I was over the moon with joy.

Finally I was going to find a agent and then I would get published and everything would be perfect from there on out.

I rode on this high for quite a few weeks, even after the first few rejections came rolling in. But there was just one problem: I had no idea how to revise the manuscript.

I read dozens of articles on revising, anything I could get hold of, but ultimately I was stuck. I entered another couple of Twitter pitch contests, eternal optimist that I am, but none of those panned out either. I was in the worst kind of slump. Read about this fantastic, potentially life-changing event, created by the wonderful Brenda Drake here.

hillary jacobson icm

It got so bad that I even avoided the book aisle in my local grocery store. About a week before the Pitch Wars deadline, I cautiously decided to venture onto Twitter again. I was scrolling through the feed when I saw a tweet by Pitch Wars mentor Natasha Neagle offering a query critique to one lucky follower.

On an impulse I followed her and a few minutes later she tweeted that I had won the query critique. That was the moment when I first felt a spark of hope, that maybe there was light at the end of the tunnel.

I sent my query to her and then I waited.

hillary jacobson icm

I was sure she would say that it was a good start, but there were too many things wrong with it. But the demons of self-doubt had grown strong over the last few months and until the very last day, I was still not completely sure that I wanted to put myself out there again.You look at the first lines to make sure they are compelling and tight.

Amy: Many writers have the impression that a great first line is imperative to drawing in the reader. Hillary: A first line is important because I assume the author has paid the most attention to that line and been very purposeful with it.

However, a first line is never a deal breaker. Amy: A lot of books open with common things like dreams, eating breakfast, riding in a car, starting at a new school, etc. What are some openings you recommend writers stay away from?

However, if the first word is a character uttering or thinking a curse word…that feels very overdone and like a lazy way to get the reader into a situation. Hillary: First pages that can immerse me in a whole new world without confusing me always pique my interest. I struggle a lot, especially with fantasy queries, that want to plop you right into a super complicated new world without giving you the tools to make sense of it.

Hillary: Telling instead of showing, especially with something more high-concept. Also, this may seem unimportant, but so many writers neglect to perfect their formatting!! Amy: What resonates with you most in those first pages?

Unique concept? Hillary: Absolutely the voice and strength of the writing. I really try to keep an open mind in regards to concept, so I rely on the voice to clue me in if I should keep reading more.

Ultimately, if I feel disappointed when the pages end, I know that I have to request the full! She is especially seeking high-concept YA, upmarket fiction, psychological thrillers and memoirs that read like fiction. A lifelong obsessive reader, she got into the literary game as soon as she could. She is a graduate of Brown University.

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Interested in subbing to Hillary? Send directly to hjacobson icmpartners. Snow Contest W. Series Contact. Amy: What are some common mistakes writers make in their first five pages?

Like it?By Mike Fleming Jr. The novel is unusual in that the fantasy trilogies studios usually buy for big bucks are built around white characters. This one weaves in African culture and characters and mixes it with magic to create an intriguing mythology that is otherworldly but somehow familiar.

It is being called a Black Lives Matter-inspired fantasy. She never forgot it. Magic became a thing to loathe, dark skin transformed into a thing to hate. This sets the young women on a quest to end the senseless violence and oppression by the lighter-skinned royal class. Danger lurks in this west-African inspired world, where lionnaires and cheetanaires roam, and the beautiful villages built over oceans, out of sand or forged in iron hide a dark underbelly of slavery and corruption.

They find themselves pitted against a crown prince bent on wiping out magic for good. Gillian Bohrer will shepherd it for the studio.

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Awardsline Expand the sub-menu. Box Office Expand the sub-menu.German rights were pre-empted by Hanserblau within hours of submission, Romanian rights were pre-empted by Trei and the novel is currently under offer in Russia, with "significant interest" elsewhere. The High Notes is the story of Anna, a young woman training to be singer in London as she struggles to keep herself afloat.

She and her best friend Laurie live in misery as the lodgers of a sinister married couple, before upping sticks to an equally insufferable bohemian collective. Singing jazz in a bar one night, Anna meets an older man, Max, and is sucked into an affair with him.

It cracks open the timeless and universal quandaries of what it is to be young, what it is to be lost, what it is to want to be wanted, what it is to find your calling and lose your way to it. Imogen Crimp is an extraordinary talent.

View the discussion thread. Related Content Sceptre wins 25 year-old's literary debut in four-way auction Raven scoops Kayode's prize-winning debut in four-way auction Headline wins four-way auction to publish Nicholls debut Scribner triumphs in four-way auction for Majumdar's debut HQ buys 'inspiring' breast cancer novel from Lloyd in four-way auction.My heart for cryptid babies.

A reminder to all you aspiring mg authors right now that I am spending this year building up my middle grade clientele. I'd love to spend this dreary quarantine time getting lost in enrapturing stories and narratives. Send me all your fiction, nonfiction and graphic MG! Ali Herring HerringAli. Remember MRS. Looking for more high concept, diverse, adult rom-coms! Must be funny. Must have a good hook.

This pandemic is hitting all of us differently on an emotional level, I know, but it's kind of making me crave stories about people worse off than we are Does this make me a bad person? Even so, I'd love to see more apocalyptic survival stories in my submissions box! Agents, we are still taking submissions!

We are slower than usual, but we will get caught up! We really should have a MSWL but for now you will just have to toss your authors at us in this raging cagefight that is our submissions pit. Philip Parker parkerpj MSWL I'm always looking for nonfiction on bees. History of bees. Beekeeper fashion. Honey recipes. Art featuring bees.Hillary Jacobson is actively building a list consisting of commercial and literary fiction, YA, select middle grade, as well as narrative non-fiction and memoir.

She reads widely and is on the hunt for any and all writing that provokes a strong emotional reaction, adds an important perspective to the cultural conversation or forces the reader to challenge what they think. Or ideally all of the above! While she certainly is drawn to the very dark, she does love more joyful stories too. But sometimes she surprises myself with what she falls in love with, so please do query her even if your manuscript falls outside these guidelines!

Please send her your pitch and the first ten pages of your manuscript in the body of an email. I respond to every query, hopefully within about a month or so. Like Like. By: Angie on August 19, at am. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

How I Got My Agent & Why You Should Never Give Up The Dream

You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Subscribe to Writing and Illustrating by Email. In that vein, she wants to see anything that promotes, analyzes, or incorporates feminism. The everyday with just a touch of the unreal. Submission Guidelines Submissions should be emailed to hjacobson icmpartners.

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hillary jacobson icm

Most author representatives representing young adult writers accept submissions without referrals. You can find all MG writer representatives now using our free literary agencies directory below.

You can use the literary agency directory to see which agents handle either middle fiction and middle nonfiction.

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hillary jacobson icm

You can search the database for chapter book agents by AAR membership status, location, and more. Our literary agency directory also includes detailed publishing agent bios and contact information for all book agents looking for new chapter book authors.

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