Missing princess rdr2

At some point while playing Red Dead Redemption 2you may have stumbled upon the mystery of Princess Isabeau. According to the reward poster and the newspaper ad which bring the matter to your attention, the princess vanished at age 5. This quest is frustrating a lot of people. Reading the ad or the reward poster leads to a stranger showing up at camp.

Naturally, this should lead you to visit the Van Horn Trading Post. You can find some items there which presumably belonged to the princess. These include a suitcase with her initials, some toys, and a dog. The dog keeps glancing up at the second level. Does that mean Isabeau is up there? But if she is, no one knows how to reach her yet. Redditors have also suggested that she could be locked up in a totally different location.

Is it possible she is the princess? Once again, no one knows how to get inside to confirm or deny it. Dedicated gamers solve quests and explore every inch of virtual worlds with astounding speed. This one has players everywhere stumped. So put some effort into it.

RDR2 PC Players Solve Missing Persons Caseā€¦ Kinda

Skip to content. Search for:. Stacey Powers 2 years ago Facebook. Older Posts.The holidays are upon us, which means that most of us are obligated to spend hours of time with our families. I kid, I kid. However, if you're like me, you are going to find it pretty difficult to tear yourself away from your video game console.

It is no ordinary game that is taking up my time though. It is a vast open-world game with countless activities to complete on a daily basis. It has an immersive story, hilarious horse physics on occasion, and a chaotic online feature. You know what game I'm talking about, right? I have had the game for so long, and I still can't seem to put it down. As on any big game with an interconnected plot and multiple side missions, things can get pretty complicated.

It has cowboys, train heists, and even missing princesses. The only problem with the missing princess is that she's still missing. Her missing poster says that she's been gone for fifteen years and that she was last seen around the Van Horn Trading Post. I scoured that place for 45 real-time minutes looking for clues. I came up empty. So imagine my disappointment when I caved and looked online for answers and found out there were none.

When you're playing as Arthur Morgan, you can bet that at some point, you are going to get into trouble. Whether you harm a person on purpose or accidentally run over them on your horse, eventually, a bounty will be placed on your head.

Never fear, for you can always pay the bounty at the post office and erase your problems. It's a simple way to ease the pressure whenever you're in the area again.

The Missing Princess IKZ Mystery Has A SECRET Ending That NOBODY Has Seen In Red Dead Redemption 2!

Do you know how big the ocean is? So when Arthur and his friends got thrown out of their boat on tempest-tossed waves and they all landed on Guarma together, I had to deal with a heavy dose of skepticism. There is no way that they should have been able to land together near the same spot, let alone survived their time spent nearly drowning. It is understood that Arthur Morgan contracted his case of tuberculosis from Thomas Downes, a man that Arthur had to shake down so that he could repay a debt.

This happens fairly early on in the game. However, if your player decides not to beat Downes for the payment, the game kind of just implies that Arthur beat him anyway. It takes choice away from the player, and if you miss the implication, you're left wondering why on Earth Morgan got himself TB.In the Red Dead Redemption extended lore, there was a princess who went missing in NPCs can sometimes be heard talking about her. Despite the hints and references to her, she never shows up in the game.

Princess Isabeau is described to have birthmarks on her cheek and right hand, and blonde hair. The game takes place inmaking her about age Thanks to console commands, searching files, and the magic of game manipulation those things provide, players were able to find a player model called IKZ, the initials of the missing princess.

Apply it and, lo and behold, a young blonde woman with birthmarks on her cheek and hand.

missing princess rdr2

The video above shows the YouTuber MrBossFTW going through the identifiers of the princess and coming to a logical conclusion that this indeed is the missing person from fifteen years prior. The model in the game files suggests that there was content planned surrounding her, but probably got cut.

Do you think the content was cut or is it going to be used later? Let us know in the comments below. Source: Kotaku. Zane Wong November 11, While Rockstar has had a bit of a rocky launch with Red Dead Redemption 2's PC portfans are once again getting sucked in by their hyper-realistic cowboy simulator.

One of the advantages of RDR2 finally arriving on personal computers is that the game's files are now available to be manipulated by resourceful players, and as a result, we have an idea about how the tale of Princess Isabeau Katharina Zinsmeister was supposed to play out.

There's a good chance that while wandering through the town of Van Horn you may have come across a poster for a missing child who was the daughter of the Grand Duchy Of Luxembourg.

However, aside from an ornate chest with her initials emblazoned upon it that you can find in Van Horn, there's no sign of Princess Isabeau anywhere in the game, leaving many players confused about where she could be or if she was ever in the game at all. Well, it turns out that she was in the game all along, but you had to dig through RDR2's files to find her. It is curious that Rockstar would include both the poster and her initialed luggage but take the actual side quest out of the game.

Regardless, we at least know what Isabeau looks like and that she was potentially supposed to play some undisclosed role in the game. With that out of the way, hopefully dataminers will now focus on figuring out what the heck happened to Gavin.

Jamie Latour is a writer and actor based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. From his hyperactive childhood to his Well, still hyperactive adulthood, he's been writing and performing in some capacity for practically his entire life.

missing princess rdr2

His love for video games goes all the way back to the age of 4, playing Mega Man 3 for the first time on his NES. He's an avid gamer and can be found nowadays either messing around in Red Dead 2, or being cheap as can be as Reaper in Overwatch. He's still starting out when it comes to making online content, but aside from his writing he can found on his Twitch page under the handle SpontaneousJames. You can also find him on social media as SpontaneousJam on Twitter because Spontaneous James was too long apparently.

Share Tweet Email 0.Gavin is a character from Red Dead Redemption 2.

missing princess rdr2

At this point, you can either drop the whole thing or go looking for Gavin. A lot of people are upset about this and really want to find the missing Englishman. This guide is going to help you solve Red Dead Redemption 2 Gavin mystery. The answer still eludes us, but there have been some interesting ideas floating around the community.

Nobody has been able to find Gavin and provide proof of his location and existence. However, the guy chained to the bed under the gun shop is decidedly non-English. You can find out more about our conclusion in the last chapter, but we have to warn you about spoilers. Maybe Gavin decided to go back to UK. Maybe, he just ran away from Nigel. If you end up getting stuck at another point, you might want to check out some of the other guides we have. We've written about mysteries like the missing person Gavinthe Rhodes Gunsmith prisonerthe locked door at Valentine doctor.

We also have instructional guides that show how to rob stores without getting bounty or where to sell jewelry and gold bars. If it's collectibles or key items you're after, we've found all the Penny Dreadful comic booksChick's treasure map locationor that famous pipe for Dutch. Finally, if you don't care to explore the map yourself, you could take a look at our Watson's Cabin and Catfish Jackson's Homestead locations guides. The second time i meet him i thought it might be some kind of pet like a dog instead of a human, with the way he talked about Gavin.

Gavin is the cave hermit the guy that says he is the devil hogtied nigel and take him to the cave hermit. I shot the body down once and swear it said Englishman, not stranger when I went to loot the body. If he was also Gavin, then the letter makes no sense.

Tom knows both Nigel and Gavin. Thank you all for your concern. Nigel tried to kiss me about a month ago after seeing Brokeback Mountain. It freaked me out, so I have been hiding out. I am now experiencing PTSD from this experience and refuse to come close to cowboys and ranchers. Please stop trying to find me, I dont want to be found. Thank you, Gavin. So the first time I ever played through this game I happened across this man looking for Gavin.At the Van Horn Trading Post, you can find a missing persons poster on the wall of the saloon, it explains that the princess went missing while on a visit to the United States with her parents in So many theories have came about explaining her disappearance.

Most people believe she was abducted by bandits and held for ransom, however no ransom letter was ever received. Other people say she was attacked by wild animals and killed, considering she was staying at her family's private hunting lodge.

However there are clues left in various spots around the map that may shed some light on this story. Firstly, the very first reference to her disappearance can be found in an issue of the "New Hanover Gazette", issue no.

If she disappeared at age 5 in that would mean she would be around 19 years old in20 in and at least 28 in She would also be in her 30s in and If you go to the Fence shop in Van Horn you can find what appears to be a suitcase and some children's toys, mostly dolls.

The suitcase has the initials I. Z on it, indicating that this case most definitely belonged to the princess. What's strange is this same case can be found in Online too, not just at the Van Horn Fence but also at the Protagonist's camp if you have the Travelling Opulence theme selected. This exact same case can also be seen in the Chapter 1 mission "Who the hell is Leviticus Cornwall? While this could just be Rockstar reusing props for certain locations, why would they place a Princess's suitcase in a train car belonging to a wealthy oil tycoon?

As for the dolls, they also show up in a couple other places, most notably at the Aberdeen Pig Farm. On the second floor of the house the dolls can be found sitting on a table and since we know that the Aberdeen Family are both cannibals and thieves this can't just be a coincidence. The last reference to the missing princess is a hunter who can be found around the Elysian Pool near Butcher's Creek.

Missing Princess Upstairs of Van Horn Fence in Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2): Find Princess Isabeau

He explains that he heard about the disappearance of the princess and he wants to find her himself and he was told by a local that the Van Horn area would be a great place to look.

However as of there has been no definitive answer to this mystery, the Princess has not been found The character model depicts her at the right age considering she vanished when she was 5. However there is one mistake with her model. The poster describes her having a birthmark on the right side of her face while the model shows the birthmark on the left of her face.

The most conclusive answer I can give here is that the Missing Princess story was cut content from the main game, most likely a Stranger Mission or something similar.

Before I wrap up this case, I would like to add that this mystery may have been based on the real life Disappearance of Madeleine McCann. Madeleine McCann was a British girl who disappeared around age in Portugal while on holiday with her parents in May She was never seen or heard from again, with most people believing that she was murdered.

Only very recently has her case been partially solved after German authorities charged a man who they believed to be responsible for her death. Rockstar being a British company most likely used the McCann Case as inspiration for the Missing Princess story and I, being British myself have also heard about Madeleine McCann and its recent developments. Actually princess Isabeau would be 20 in the game even if you started it as John because they dont change the character models if you do it in the epilogue.

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The One-eyed Thief 23 days ago. Likes You can view a detailed list of rules here. The Missing Princess self. So I found this missing poster in Van Horn, saying that the grand duchy of Luxembourg is looking for her daughter Isabeau Katharina Zinsmeister.

Red Dead Redemption 2: How Long Does it Take for the World to Open Up?

Apparently she's been missing for 15 years. Also the dog in his shop whines at the suitcase and then whines at the ceiling, but the second floor is blocked off. I wonder if you could get this by looking at the second floor from the lighthouse or a balcony with your binoculars. A camper mentions he's been searching for her for 7 years and that he got a tip that she may be at van horn.

Try following him. Also the camper will seem hostile at first but if you greet him he'll invite you over and you can talk. Someone on the discord clipped through the fence wall and up the first flight of stairs but then fell through the floor : but the inside is detailed.

Guys, I didnt find a way yet. But Im sure she might be locked somewhere in Van horn. And when ur inside the trading post your map shows u that there is an accessible stairs but its Kinda locked too. I saw a reaction on youtube with the following. I thinks it's fake and don't want to spend 8 nights and days at the same spot. Princess mission has been solved a while already. Here are steps u have to take. U need to just camp outside the trading post for 8 night's u r not allowed to eat and feed ur horse then at the last night doing so ur camp will be invaded by strangers and they try kidnapping u there is a cut scene saying that have been watching u for all these days and since ur now almost starved and ur horse is basically starved it is the perfect time to kidnapped u.

So it happens and u be brought to a place and there u find the princess And I won't spoil anymore from here out on. There appears to be an open window on the 2nd floor of the van horn trading post. I can't seems to get to it,maybe jumping on top of a stage coach would do it.

When I was in the trading post selling stuff to the fence,I heard a woman scream help me,they're going to kill me.

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